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CLAY is a tiny game prototype about reactivating space probes (little white-and-blue robots) hidden in asteroids. Use your terraforming space suit to erode, rebuild and alter the asteroid cluster to help you explore for probes - but get back to your ship to escape. Made for #AIJAM 2015.

CONTROLS - Movement

Arrow keys - Move

Space - Jump

Shift - Use a boost jump in mid-air (get more boosts by collecting batteries)

CONTROLS - Terraforming

Q/W - Decrease/Increase erosion. Erosion is good for creating small gaps to squeeze through or creating small steps.

A/S - Decrease/Increase densite. This is the best way to clear space or make more platforms.

R - Apply changes

ESCAPE - Cancel changes


Save your boost jumps for getting back up to your ship. Don't explore too deeply or you might find it hard to get back up!

If you're stuck, try decreasing erosion and see if it helps reveal new passageways or small platforms.


CLAY is all possible thanks to Adam Saltsman's Abandonauts art, HaxeFlixel's Cave Generator, sounds by Julian Ray, JavierZumer, adeluc4 and Kodack, and love from Garnet.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorCut Garnet Games