A downloadable procedural generator

Rogue Process is an action stealth game about typing to hack things in slow motion. You play a renegade hacker who makes her living smashing corporate security systems and stealing dark secrets hidden at the top of skyscrapers. You can find out more about the game on the official site, or follow the development on Twitter.

For PROCJAM, I extended the game's corporation generator with a richer logo generation and an improved slogan corpus. The generator is still lacking a lot of data and patterns, but the new tech looks nice so I made this exported version for you to take a look at. Press R to generate three new corporations. The top is a media corp, the middle is a finance corp, the bottom is a research corp.

I'm still improving the game's generators all the time, and this toy is a bit broken in places (especially for long corporation names). Hopefully it gives you a flavour of how the generator works!