A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


A 2D #cyberpunkjam action platformer where you hack your way across the rooftops of a futuristic city. Using your cutting-edge decking tech, you can hack into almost anything: shatter the sides of skyscrapers to cut a path through the city, break into corporation servers to steal data, or tear the circuits out of CorpSec guards to make your escape.

Can you steal 1.44mb of data and make your escape before CorpSec track you down? Can you hack into a corporation mainline while under heavy laser fire? Do you have the guts to throw yourself off a building with only a 56k wireless connection to break your fall?

Time to run.

About Currently Running Processes

Part endless runner, part action game, CRP is about quick reactions and even quicker typing. To get a feel for the game's mechanics, check out the tutorial (press T from the main menu). Don't forget you can change the game's difficulty levels at the main menu by pressing 1 (we recommend 'Normal' to start off with). Here's a quick controls reference:

Left/Right - Move

Spacebar - Jump

Tab - Enter decking mode

Up/Down - Go up/down staircases

While in decking mode, names of devices will appear on screen. Typing them in and pressing ENTER will hack the device, if it's within your circle of influence.

More Hacking

I've got plans to extend some of CRP's mechanics into a fuller game at some point, although with a different emphasis. For more information on this game, and my other projects, check out Cut Garnet Games' blog.

Install instructions

CRP is distributed as a Java .jar file, along with some extra files for fonts and a readme.txt. You can run CRP on any platform by simply unzipping the download and double-clicking the .jar. Make sure you unzip the downloaded file - running the game from inside the zip won't work. If you're on Linux, you may need to make the jar file executable to play the game. 

If you have any problems installing or running the game, don't hesitate to contact me: mike@cutgar.net


Currently Running Processes (Jam Version) 15 MB
Development Pack - 6 Versions Of CRP Throughout Its Development 65 MB