A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Mudeford is a first person game about walking with your dog. It's currently in the earliest possible prototype stage, but I wanted to release builds for #procjam week so people can see where it's going. The game has little to no content right now - your dog follows you around, and you can try and find your way to camp if you like.

The game's world is procedurally generated, which is obvious right now because it looks like someone spilled a box of green onto a big pile of blue. But in the future (if/when I get time) this is going to be used to do some research into designing 3D spaces. A lot of procedural world generation looks at the same functional notions like distance or reachability. I want to look at other stuff, like lighting, visibility, or where someone's eye is drawn.

I have lots of research plans that don't pan out, so don't be surprised if this project doesn't rapidly develop! But hopefully there'll be time to dip in here or there and turn this into a fun little dog walking simulator. If you want to read more about my research, you can find about me here.

Mudeford is a place near where I grew up on the south coast of England. It used to be a fishing village, and now it's just sort of a very quiet seaside place that incredibly rich people have beach huts. It's a very peaceful place to walk, though, and from there you can easily wander over to Hengistbury Head and Warren Hill. We used to walk our dog there from time to time when I was small.

This game doesn't look a lot like Mudeford right now. But maybe one day!

Thanks to Kenney for the wonderful 3D assets, and to Jon and his dog for being the inspiration for a lot of the game's new direction.


Mudeford 0.1 [Windows] 13 MB
Mudeford 0.1 [Mac] 15 MB